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so i havent posted in a lil over a month. well i failed school. i… - Struggling to Survive [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 15th, 2010|08:54 am]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

so i havent posted in a lil over a month. well i failed school. i failed the nursing program and theres nothing i can do now at bucks. i have a few options im not sure which ones id like to decide on but i can do one of three things :1 go to school for phlebotomy 2 try to go to ccp for their nursing program or 3 take the next semester off loose some weight build some confidence work more hours get caught up on bills and then go back to school in the fall. im torn becuz i have no clue what to do. they all sound like things i want to do. ugh. i havent done ne thing wrong to myself since i failed. havent really even thought about it. its been 2 months now since ive SI guess thats a good thing i havent gone to that aspect of coping. jack has been by my side through it all alone with my aunt but i still feel like a complete failure at my life. im 25 and have nothing to show for but money wasted and no degree. i really wanted to graduate more than ne thing in the world and i couldnt even do that. i was foolish to believe that i could even have the chance to be someone important. i feel like shit about myself....like always....